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Our Team

We're strong believers in the power of personal communications. Relationships do still matter in business and, in a subjective service business such as ours, those relationships become essential. Click on an image or a name to learn a little more about our team.

Pam Eitzen

Pam is our President and Creative Director. She has over 30 years of professional experience and a lifetime of exposure to beautiful design and good taste. As soon as Pam could hold a pencil, she was into her Dad's Magic Markers and layout paper... much to his chagrin when he sat down to do a late night layout and discovered that she'd left the tops off (again). A few things you probably didn't know about Pam... she ran the New York marathon; she completed a four week outward bound course in New Mexico which included white water rafting in Class IV+ rapids on the Rio Grande, rappelling down the side of a mountain and snowshoeing in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and she seriously considered leaving the world of graphic design to attend the Culinary Institute. Along with spending time with her husband, children and faithful pooch Fred, when she's not clicking away on her mac, Pam enjoys spinning classes, cooking for family and friends and sticking her toes in the sand.

Chris O’Brien

Chris is Vice President and co-owner of EitzenCreative. He has over 35 years of experience as a Sales and Marketing Executive, Brand Manager and Small Business Manager. Chris is a marketing and strategy specialist with operational expertise in the upscale retail consumer goods sector, advertising, and digital communications. A few things you might not know about Chris... he loves political debate, is an avid golfer (9.7 hcp), guitarist and gardener. When he's not relaxing with his wife, two children and faithful pooch Fred, you'll find Chris picking on a vintage guitar or fine-tuning his short game. His creative, entrepreneurial spirit, market research skills, and legendary sense of humor keeps us on our game.

Amanda McCarthy

Amanda is our Senior Designer and has over 15 years of experience in the communications field. She holds a degree in architectural design, but a love of strong coffee steered her towards a career in graphic design. Fortunately for us, our former office was located above a roaster. A few things you probably don't know about Amanda... as a set dresser/scenic, she taught Sean Astin (in his pre-Frodo days) how to paint; she has logged well over 1,000 miles on her bike to raise money for the annual MS150 City to Shore ride; and has penned and illustrated a number of children’s books as gifts to friends and family. Much to her husband’s dismay, she is an upcycling devotee and has a basement full of trash picks waiting to be resuscitated. When not at the keyboard or clocking miles on her bike, Amanda spends time being just plain silly with her husband and daughter.

Phil Eitzen

Phil was our Senior Consultant and is sorely missed since he left this earth in 2016. Phil had an illustrious career as an art director and creative director for NW Ayer, the country's first ad agency. He also founded our predecessor, The Creative Department, back in 1970. His vision and work ethic were infamous. A few things you probably don't know about Phil... he dug ditches to pay his way through college and declared that he could eat an entire watermelon, a quart of milk and three sandwiches on his lunch break; he met his future wife on a blind date and, if he hadn't gone into advertising, he would have chosen to work for Disney. Phil lived a long and successful life. Along with his career, some of his passions were listening to jazz, being with family and friends and working in his beloved garden.


Fred is our Chief Happiness Officer and Head of Security. He learned on the job and has quickly become a local celebrity dog in Narberth since we moved our offices here a few years ago. A few things you probably didn't know about Fred... he had heart worm as a young puppy and was nursed back to health by MLAR before he found us to adopt him; it's rumored that he came originally from St. Croix which may explain his intense fear of thunderstorms; and he can stand on his hind legs for a really long time if you are offering treats. Along with cuddling with his family, Fred enjoys long walks, tearing the squeakers out of new dog toys, popcorn and visiting every shop in Narberth that gives out treats.


We have an amazing crew of longtime partners who we team up with for everything from videography to coding to digital printing to content creation. We are nimble and can ramp up and down easily to bring personal attention on any project large or small. We value our relationships with both our clients and our professional collaborators. It takes a team to build a website, a stellar advertising campaign or a thoughtful capabilities package. We are ready willing and able to help create yours!